Privacy and cookies policy

19 May, 2018

What are cookies?

Cookies are software files that websites or applications install on users’ browsers or devices (smartphone, tablet, among others) while they browse the different pages of the portal or application, and are used to store information on their visits.

Does uses Cookies?

Yes, to improve the users’ browsing experience of website. The use of Cookies enables optimized browsing, through the adaptation of the information and services provided for the interests of users, in order to provide them with a better experience every time they visit the website.

What is the website privacy policy?

All data collected and stored in Cookies will not be available for third party entities and will only be used for marketing campaigns with the visitors agreement. Users browsing information will only be used to create reports of visits to the website, so as to improve its functionality.

Should I accept the use of Cookies?

Under Portuguese Law 41/2004, from August 18th and Law 46/2012 from Agosto 29th the website can only use Cookies under a clear and previous agreement from the user. VISaVIS commits to use Cookies only for the activities previously described.

It is important to say that the use of Cookies is essencial to ensure that the pages of the website are functioning correctly, so we recommend that the agreement should be accepted.

All browsers enable the user to accept, reject or delete cookies, by selecting the appropriate settings in his/her browser. The user may configure the cookies in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of his/her browser.